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2 Jul 2017

Learn a New Craft


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Posted By Reba B.

When you see your friend wearing a necklace she has made herself or you see someone who has decorated her house with unique handcrafted items, you are jealous. However you think you cannot do so as you never done any such thing in the past. WRONG!

I am sure you have done some crafts at some point in your life. You may have made paper airplanes in school. You may have painted. You may have created decorations for the Christmas tree or Easter or some other occasion. You may have made a dress or a mask for Halloween. You decorated cookies for your child's bake sale. All this qualifies as craft.

Life is busy and you probably have not practiced any craft for a long time. You think do not have time to learn a new craft. However, there are many good reasons why you should learn one:

- Crafting is a great stress buster. It engages your mind and takes it away from the problems of daily grind. It gives you an opportunity to channel your excess energy and help you relax. It will allow you to keep aside some time for yourself.

- Get your creative juices flowing. Everybody is born with some amount of creativity. It is a matter of cultivating it. As you master the skill and technique of your chosen craft, you will get more innovative. You will conceive and create new designs and execute complex ideas. This will enhance your creativity. You will be able to look at problems in your daily life with a new perspective and often find innovative solutions.

- Improve your self-esteem. You will create something new and unique out of some unfinished materials like wood or clay or glass with your own hands. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride in your skills. You would see an improvement in your self-confidence in a matter of short time.

- Save Money. Learning a craft will enable you to make gift items for family and friends economically. They will also appreciate a unique gift, made especially for them. Depending on your craft, you may be able to decorate your home on a strict budget

- Make money with your craft. As you improve at your craft, you will be able to sell your craft items and make money. You will get an opportunity to make a full-time or part time income with your handmade crafts.

Crafting requires a creative process as well as a skill. Not everybody likes everything. You may have to try multiple crafts to figure out the one you like. Start with a craft that you may have been exposed to already or one you thought you would like to learn sometime. If nothing comes to mind, talk to your spouse or your best friend. If they have a favorite craft you may want to learn a similar craft or complementary craft. This will give you an opportunity to spend more time with them as well as learn a craft. Another option would be taking a couple of classes for different crafts. Select two or three crafts that you think you would like. Take classes at the local community college or adult learning center. This will help you determine if you like to craft and learn its basic techniques.

Do not learn a craft just to make money. Learn it only if you enjoy doing it. If you have fun with your craft, you will create beautiful pieces that will give you and others pleasure.


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