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1 Jul 2017

Movie Poster Madness - Collect the New Form of Art


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Posted By Tamara Q.

Are you an avid movie poster collector, are you looking for movie posters to decorate your walls or are you just a casual movie poster shopper?

To give you a little bit of background, the modern movie poster was brought into existence by Jules Cheret and he is considered to be the father of this medium.

Without knowing, Jules Cheret kicked off something big. That something is movie poster collecting.

The movie poster is a very powerful promotional tool. Think of the excitement it stirs when you see one displayed at your local movie theater. The visual image of the movie to come is burned into your mind reminding you of your desire to actually see it.

Movie posters are designed by movie studios to build awareness about a film by utilizing the visual reach and attraction of this advertising medium. Individual posters conveying the essence of a movie have found immense popularity among the masses. As hard as it is to admit for some people, this is a new and different genre of art.

The vintage poster market in France was made popular back in the 1970s. This has made them long in demand by collectors. This has also thrusted this hobby across various countries making it popular worldwide.

If you are a movie poster collector, there are a few points to keep in nine when adding a new piece to your collection.

* The poster has to be in demand.
* The movie should either be a classic or currently popular.
* The poster absolutely has to be in good physical condition.
* Not only to remember him, the more aware of the poster of the more valuable.

One of the most important things movie poster collectors should do is ensure that the condition of the poster is retained in as good of condition as possible. Never roll up your poster and slap a rubber band around it. Rubber bands tend to decay and will damage the material.

Never store your movie poster anywhere that may have a large amount of light, heat or humidity. This will cause a poster to deteriorate rapidly.

Try to keep your movie posters laid flat in a cool and dry place when they are new. This will allow them to dry out thoroughly. If you flatten out the poster between two pieces of material immediately after purchase, think ink will stick to the upper piece of material and damage the poster.

Your best bet is to store the poster between two pieces of low acid foam boards. This will greatly slow down the process of deterioration. This will keep your posters in as close to original condition as possible for a long period of time.

If your intent is to frame the poster, ensure that you have it matted. When a picture is matted, it is kept away from the glass of the actual picture frame. This keeps the ink from being heated and sticking the glass. Also, ensure that the backboard is acid-free. Another good idea would be to make certain that the glass in the picture frame is resistant to ultraviolet light.

Let me point you towards some ways that you can track movie posters. The Movie Poster Price Almanac magazine is excellent for tracking various auctions, exhibitions and museum collections. You can also find a massive amount of online collector guides as well.

For the casual collector or someone looking to put up a little bit of inexpensive wall art, the movie poster is the perfect way to go. It is easy to find popular movie posters. There are a slew of online vendors.

The casual display of your movie poster is easy. I wouldn't recommend thumb tacking it to the wall. A way too make a nice presentation would be to purchase a cheap glass frame from your local hobby shop. You should be able to find an inexpensive frame for less than $10.

The frame will make all the difference in your display. It will also preserve your movie poster. When it is thumb tacked or taped to the wall, a little breeze can rip the edges of your poster. In time, it will look awfully ragged.

Movies posters are not just for collectors as I've pointed out in the last few paragraphs. Many people consider them a visually appealing decoration. Another great thing about them is that not all movie posters are expensive. The market is full of inexpensive options.

So sit down behind your computer, grab your credit card and scour the Internet for that perfect movie poster.


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